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We're witches! You're a witch, we're all witches!
— Kristen to Callie

A witch is a magical being with the ability to practice "craft", which is an inherited trait passed from parent to child. They can practice some or a few of the forms of craft; Earth, Channel, Ancestral, Sacrificial, Collective, or Essence. Their basic powers consist of casting spells and concocting potions. 

Witches who use their powers for bad intentions like killing are automatically classified as evil witches.

It is clarified in "Origin" that the first witch is an extremely powerful male, known as the Original Witch, meaning every bloodlines of witches originated from him. He kept his powers contained in the Sphere of Excidio torn between the choice of good and evil, and fearful of enemies plotting to steal his craft.


Pure WitchesEdit

Pure witches are naturally born with witches as parents. They possess Earth Magic, granting them the active powers of pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, telekinesis, aeokinesis, and hyrokinesis. Most witches use this more often because it requires no channeling, talismans, or anything of that sort. They can activitate it right away. They can also cast spells and brew potions. These are the one of the few witches who can project powers at will without any verbal or nonverball spells and they can advanced their powers into a more distinct form, but based off of the original. They tend to be more powerful than the others, able to tap into all forms of the craft. Also, some create covens to protect themselves and strengthen their abilities. Covens can be born, but few can be formed. Pure witches also stem from the Original Witch, allowing him to connect each and everyone of them. Some call him their creator.

Witch PractitionersEdit

Witch practitioners or commonly referred to as simply, "Practitioners" are humans who practice witchcraft, but lack any true magical abilities and blood. These witches seems to treat the craft more spiritually and as the first witches did, using it to better the earth than offensively as pure witches do now. Practitioners are able to tap into Channel Magic, which allows them to express a form of magic by tapping into a form of energy such as fire, celestial events, and talismans. They can also cast simple spells and brew potions, but not to the extent of a pure witch. Misusing and overusing the Earth's magic as a practitioner will automatically cause the Earth to fight back and kill the person. They are also not strong enough to channel and manipulate to an extent. However, Meredith Jackson, a practitoners has shown a great aspect, able to channel some of her given strength as a Seer. At the same time, she has also shown many of the weaknesses as a practitioner. Pracitioners are also immune to Adflicto, as the witch gene does not flow through their veins.

Surgo WitchesEdit

Surgo Witches are half-powered witches, most of whom are the descendants of the human who injected the blood of a death witch and ashes into himself, Riley White, the Original Surgo. Others have been transformed into Surgos by others or by themselves, previously being humans. They are then loyal to their transformers for a period of time. Surgos can tap into Ancestral Magic, Channel Magic, Essence Magic, and Sacrificial Magic. They use Channel Magic most significantly when channeling the powers of their enchanted items, which grants them the ability of reconstitution, enhanced strength, deviation, high resistance to injuries, and agility from their necklace, ring, and dagger. They also possess potion making and spell casting. Some are strong enough to reconstitute themselves when near death of old age repeatedly, able to keep themselves alive for years, almost possessing immortality. Surgo are extremely talented at killing and battling and most are used as assassins and for the bidding of pure witches or Hybrids. Many feel that Surgos are an abomination to nature and Earth. 

Hybrids Edit

Hybrids are offsprirngs of both a Surgo and pure witch, granting them with select active powers. The number is usually based off the strength and age of the parent. Along with that, they have regeneration, a weaker version of reconstitution, and enhanced strength. However, some stronger Hybrids have the ability of reconstitution and can withstand for centuries with this ability, like Nina Giordani. They can practice every form of the craft, but are still weaker than pure witches in some instances because of their Surgo half witholding the true, full power of their second half.

Dark Witches & The Dark OnesEdit

Dark witches can be of any type of witch classification, except they practice one or two of the Dark forms of witchcraft; Sacrificial and Essence Magic, which were not a part of the original four forms of witchcraft because of it involving taking another being's life. Practicing the Dark Ones can become very addicting after the first time, so witches tend to continue and continue until they are consumed with the lust of the magic, esspecial Essence Magic, which some use a power trip.

Forms of WitchcraftEdit

Depending on the type of witch, they can practice many forms of craft.

Earth MagicEdit

Earth Magic is a form of witchcraft that draws on the power of Earth and nature, granting the witch with the ability to control the elements and the ability to cause movement with the mere mind. This is the first form witchcraft ever practiced and is the most common and popular used today because it easily available to the witch and causes less exhaustion and doesn't require any rituals or tools. This being the reason they are often referred to as active powers. Only pure witches and Hybrids have access to Earth Magic. However, only pure witches can advanced their Earth magic with time. 

Channel MagicEdit

Channel Magic is a form of the craft used most commonly by Practitioners. This allows them to channel and bind to any form of power, energy, talisman, or even another person's to manipulate it in ways such as tapping into it or changing it. This magic is done mostly with the mental strength, but sometimes requires contact. It is completely dependent upon the source that the witch is channelining. If the source is severed, their access to the magic will be as well. With an experienced user, it can be shown to be extremely powerful, allowing the person access to another being's magic.

Ancestral MagicEdit

Ancestral Magic is a form of witchcraft drawing energy from dead ancestors. This magic is limited to a certain area such as the burial grounds of where the ancestors died or where buried. This meaning, if the witch left the area, they would be rendered without it. It is only open for use of the descendants, but some, such as Matthew, have found ways to use Ancestral Magic without being a descedant of those who have died. Ancestral Magic has shown to be massively powerful and dangerous because of the ability to use the strength and energy of hundreds of witches at one time. A downside of this is that it can be exhausting if the connection is held on for too long and can even lead the user to death.

Collective MagicEdit

Collective Magic is a powerful form of witchcraft constantly shown by the Bonum Coven throughout the book series. This connects and binds the members of a coven together, allowing them to become stronger and perform amazing feats of witchcraft without exhaustion. Collective Magic seems to be unqiue to the particular coven, meaning that the strength of the members defines their collective strength together. Some covens gain the collective ability of telepathy and the leader is able to manifest forms of sensing. A downside of Collective Magic, which is present without it being channelled, is that if one member dies, the remaining become weaker.

Sacrificial MagicEdit

Sacrificial Magic is a dark form of witchcraft that relies on the killing or sacrifice of a person to perform an action. This kind of magic is usually done by sacrificing or killing a person related to the purpose, such a witch, human, or werewolf. Most sacrificial magic is done to kill a powerful being, entrap a person, or release that being from a magical imprisonment such as a triquetra, which was used on Nina in the second book. Sacrificial Magic can also be used a domino effect; the sacrifice or killing of one being used to destroy the remaining  beings.

Essence MagicEdit

Esscence Magic is another dark form of witchcraft commonly used for evil purposes. Essence Magic allows the user to collect the power of a witch after their death, strengthening their own abilities. This magic requires a spell and ritual, and takes great strength to project successfully. The more witches or the more powerful witches the user obtains, the more strength they earn. Essence Magic gives an endless supply of the essence taken in. However, in certain cases, the supply can be momentarily weakened. Essence Magic can be esspecially luring and addictive as the user begins to want more and more power.


Adflicto - Like other supernatural beings, they and their powers become weak depending on how much is consumed or in contact with them, and how powerful that being is.

Overuse of Magic - Some witches aren't powerful enough to channel a great amount of power at once or for along period of time. This will weaken them momentarily, but if they're extremely overexhausted, it can ultimately lead to death.

Mortality - Witches that are alive can also die from natural causes and deaths that humans face as they are not invincible.

Known WitchesEdit


The Original Witch Deceased
Sage White Deceased
Riley White Alive
James White Deceased
Antonio White Deceased
Terrick White Deceased
Rosalind White Deceased; Killed by Riley White
Joshua White Deceased
Callie Knight Alive
Ethan Parker Alive
Kristen Clark Alive
Vince Reed Alive
Amelia Smith Alive
Claire Evans Deceased; Killed by Matthew Evans
Jeric DeLuca Alive
Meredith Jackson Alive
Alec DeLuca Alive
Nina Giordano Alive
Matthew Evans Alive
Drake DeLuca Deceased, Killed by Bonum Coven
Henry Knight Alive
Isabel Evans Deceased; Killed by Matthew Evans
Ian Clark Alive
Jane Clark Alive
Joshua Parker Alive
Amy Parker Alive
Wesley Knight Deceased; Killed by Matthew Evans
Madison Knight Deceased; Killed by Matthew Evans
Julie Smith Alive
Victor Reed Alive
Sammantha Reed Deceased, Car Crash
Alexandra DeLuca Alive
Agapeto Alive
Adelina Alive
Veronica Pierce Deceased, Killed by 

Chris Cloud

Bryan Deceased; Killed by Jasper
Cristina DeLuca Alive
Luis Deceased; Killed by Matthew Evans
Victoria Jackson Alive
Rebecca Jackson Alive
Grayson Bridges Alive
Diane Williams Deceased; Burned at Stake
Daniel Deceased; Burned at Stake
Claudine Deceased; Burned at Stake
Leonardo Deceased; Burned at Stake
Ackley Deceased; Burned at Stake
Elizabeth Deceased; Burned at Stake
The Original Witch Deceased
Sage White-Knight Deceased
Lia Evergreen Deceased

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