A Weapon is a type of harmful object or substance used in order to kill someone as well as torture them. Below, is a list of weapons and the particular species it harms as not all magical beings have the same weaknesses.

Adflicto PotionEdit

Adflcito 4

Description: Adflicto is a green substance made of herbs that is lethal to all magical beings when touched or consumed. The affect depends on how much of the potion is used and how powerful the being is that it is used on. For example, it has no affect of the Primas Coven, but it could severely weaken a Phoenix Bird.

Forms of:

Adflicto GunEdit

A gun filled with bullets that are laced with Adflicto. Witch Hunters in the 1700s used this. Alec and Zach both used this in 2011 and it was modified by Zach to make it better and faster.

Adflicto ArrowsEdit

Arrows laced with Adflicto shot from crossbows. Popular in the 1700s. It was used to shoot Lia Evergreen in the heart and kill her the first time.

Adflicto SwordEdit

A sword laced with Adflicto. Popular in the 1700s.

Harmful To:



Description: Short knife with pointed and edged blade. Surgo Witches carry these around as weapons to kill people, mostly witches, however it has been used on them several times. Some people, mainly the Bonum Coven are able to get their daggers and stab them. Also, the Bonum Coven used daggers when they're powers were out on June 7th. It was also used on a werewolf once, more specifically, Liam on the Bonum Meadow. Even in his werewolf form, it harmed him, showing how powerful it his. He was able to regenerate, however.

Harmful To:


Drowning Phoenix

Drowned, Dead Tyler

Description: Natural water. Much of it is lethal to Phoenix Birds because it burns their life essence of fire. A Phoenix Hunter used this on Tyler when he drowned him in a lake, extinguishing his life essence. Kristen used her hydrokinesis power on Jules while training, not knowing it was harmful to her. However, Jules was okay since not enough to kill was used on her.

Harmful To: