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The Original Witch

  • Near the Beginning of Time
  • The Creator
  • Ella (Wife; Deceased)
  • Sage White-Knight (Daughter; Deceased)
  • Riley White (Son)
  • James (Brother; Deceased)
  • Antonio (Brother; Deceased)
  • Terrick (Brother; Deceased)
  • Rosalind (Sister; Deceased)
  • Joshua (Brother; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Knight (Son-in-law; Deceased)
  • Michael Knight (Grandson; Deceased)
  • Wesley Knight (Direct Descendant; Deceased)
  • Callie Knight (Direct Descendant)
  • Deceased
Basic Powers
Other Powers & Abilites


Advanced Powers
  • The Sphere of Excidio
First Appearance
  • "The Bonum Power"
Cause of Death
  • Old age (first time)
  • Fist pushed in him (second time by Matthew)
— Jeri

The Original Witch is the first witch to ever be created and was born near the beginning of time. She also gave birth to all the nation of witches alive today with his human wife, Ella. He was so powerful that his children became full witches, not Half-Witches. He was made by nature and earth itself. His last name is White.

          !*In Reconstruction*!


She was made by nature and earth when one day nature set him on fire, threw lightning, air, and water at human, and moved him around every as he heard Latin words from the earth. He did not die, but instead he was given his active powers and the abilities to cast spells and make potions. Once he had his seven children, he could sense them, hear their thoughts, and teleport to them.

Throughout The Coven Series

On the ultimate power trip for Matthew and Nina to rid the Bonum Coven and take their essence, they wish to ressurect the Original Witch in order to 

  • She wants to rid the witches as they all practice dark magic or use magic for wrong reasons. She possesses Callie initially through the locket, but then is able to potray herself. *

The Sphere of Excidio

The Sphere of Excidio was created millenniums ago by this witch because people thought he didn’t know whether to use his great amount of powers for good and evil. He says the power was like a winning lottery ticket for half a billion dollars. Some of his children chose good and some choose evil, but he never made up the decision. Because of this, he decided not use them at all and put them in a sphere he created. Then, he hid it so that no one can take them.

After death, the witch chose good, but Matthew, who was the only one who knew this, got a medium to contact him and while the connection between the medium and the creator went on, Matthew cast a spell to turn him evil. He told him about how the Bonum Coven is currently the most powerful people alive because of their killings and the coven is good. This angers The Creator, however, Matthew tells him that if he tells him where the Sphere is, he can consume the power, takeover everything, and make everything evil. He will also resurrect him with the help of Sage’s Locket and Callie’s blood who is the only living direct descendant of the Original Witch. At first, The Creator is reluctant, but then, he accepts and tells Matthew where the Sphere of Excidio is.

Trick of the Creation

The Original Witch was so strong, he could not be changed evil for very long. The story of why the Sphere was created is wrong. The Creator made the Sphere because the power was so much that he was going to die, so after his children were born, he put his magic in a sphere, and hid is so that no evil or good could take it and use it for personal gain or bad things. He also says that there was not much evil in his lifetime to use his powers for evil.

Surgo Witch as a Son

Some years before death and after he put his powers in his sphere, he and his wife, Ella gave birth to last and final child. They named him Riley. When he grew up, he got angry since his many brothers and sisters had magic whereas he was a mere mortal. His parents tried to convince him that this was alright, but he continued to grow with hate. They feared he would grow up evil as some of their other children did, but was a little less worried since he was mortal. However, Riley killed one of his sisters, took her blood, burned her, and took her ash. He put the ash and blood in himself, making him the first Surgo Witch. The Original Witch and Ella were very dissapointed at what he had become. Riley fought his father. He couldn't beat him, however that was not his intention. His intention was to create his own species and he did, giving birth to most of the Surgos in the world.

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