The Original Bonum Coven

  • Between 1680s-17001
Headquarters Location
  • House in Washington
  • Diane Clark (Leader)
  • Daniel Reed
  • Claudine Evans
  • Leonardo Knight
  • Ackley Parker
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Deceased
Basic Powers
Leader's Powers
  • Sensing
  • Sensing Teleportation
Active Powers
Original Possessions
Collective Power
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The Original Bonum Coven were the six original Bonum Witches who started the long line of the descending Bonum Covens who grew more and more powerful. The Original leader was Diane Williams and the rest of the members are (goes by most powerful) Daniel, Claudine, Leonardo, Ackley, and Elizabeth.

In 1701, Witch Hunters ran around Meadow Wood killing witches, thinking they were all bad. They gathered each other and went to the woods behind the Bonum Meadow, not killing the hunters since they were human unlike others even after the hunters killed the men's wives and Elizabeth's husband and destroyed her house. Diane was a friend of Charlie Cloud who tried to shoot her. Before they were killed, Daniel teleported their children onto the meadow. Then, the witch hunters shot them with arrows after they killed Daniel, Leonardo, and Ackley's wives in the woods.

They had an enemy, Lia Evergreen, who was killed the same day they were and was a previous friend of Diane until she turned evil.

Advanced PowersEdit

  • (Diane) Shielding - This is the strongest defensive and offensive power they have, able to create shields of an energy to protect them from any danger as well as shoot people backwards. She can make it into a bubble or wall of shield and can manipulate the shield to make it go places or shield objects like a door.
  • (Daniel) Telekinetic Transportation - This is a very helpful power since it is able to transport them to places or transport things to them or transport things away. This power helped saved their children as well as Diane, Claudine, and Elizabeth with the help of telepathy.
  • (Claudine) Molecular Immobilization - This power if also very helpful and effective since she is able to freeze attacks and people and make them stop moving so they can escape or/as well as survive.


  • Their advanced powers are not as powerful as the current coven's, but only because the generations get stronger every generation. In their time, magic like that was very powerful, however.
  • Vince and Daniel both have telekinetic transportation.