The Coven


Kevin N.

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The Coven Series


Young Adult



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The Coven, written by Kevin N, is the first book in The Coven Series. It is a novel about a girl Liv Knight  who learns of her witch heritage and discover her role as the High Priestess of the Bonum Coven.

Plot SummaryEdit

(CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!) Claire Evans and the rest of her coven are in the Bonum House searching for the last key to their coven when they are attacked by the masked man that has been threatening them. He fights them and ends up killing Claire, stabbing her in the chest, and acquiring her power essence. Then, he goes to the Knight House where Callie and Madison Knight are, attempting to leave before he comes. Madison gives her daughter her locket before the man comes and kills Madison as well. Before he has a chance to kill Callie, she is summoned into the Witch Council Headquarters along with the rest of the coven where she discovers she is a witch and the second leader after Claire's tragic death. 

(The rest of summary will be written later).

The EndingEdit

Most of the rest, if not all of the books will end with the characters thinking about the bad things that happened in the climax or just in the book, altogether as well as, showing a little sneak peek of what the next book will be about based on actions, choices, or anything made at the end of the previous book. The ending of this book deals with Jules being captured by the Anti-Witch Council including Jasper, suspected to be a witch.


Divisions Edit

  • Division One: "The Witch": (Pg. 1-116, Chp. 1-6) This division deals with Callie joining the coven and learning the basics of a witch as well as adjusting to the life and residents of Meadow Wood.
  • Division Two: "The Surgos": (Pg. 117-220) This division deals with the revelation of Surgos, beginning when they attack them at a football game.
    • The main antagonists of this division are Bryan, Drake, and the rest of the Surgos.
  • Division Three: "The Mayor" : (Pg.221-304) This division deals with the coven discovering Matthew was the masked man and their attempt to destroy him and his Surgo hitman, Drake.