Bonum Meadow

The Bonum Meadow

  • Centuries Ago (Birthplace of the Bonum Coven)
  • Diane Williams
  • Daniel
  • Claudine
  • Leonardo
  • Ackley
  • Elizabeth
Current Loyalty
Powers and Abilities
  • Shielding
  • Sensing
  • Remote Injury Deceleration (limited)
  • Pyrokinesis (limited)
  • Power Augmentation (limited; solar eclipse on June 7th)
"You can make beauitful things the first Bonum members made this...made this meadow."
— Amelia to Callie

The Bonum Meadow is a big, beauitful meadow created by the powers of the Original Bonum Coven centuries ago and is the birthplace of the Bonum Coven. It is loyal to the current members of the coven. The Meadow has powers of its own which respond to the coven and/or are under the control of them. The meadow holds beauitful, lovely, flowers that Callie said were "incomprehensible, unexplainable, too good to be true".


Shielding: This is probably its most powerful and definitely most used power. It corresponds with the sensing power. If it senses good, it's shield is down, if it senses bad, it's shield goes up. It also corresponds with the Bonum Coven and pyrokinesis. The Bonum Coven can put the shield up or down. If the shield is put down and someone evil is on the meadow, the person or people catch on fire because of pyrokinesis and the sheild forms around the good people, gets bigger and throws or pushes the bad person or people out.

Sensing: The Meadow has the power to sense good or evil based on blood. This power is very strong and no sensing controller can defy it, proved when Chris tried to block it's sensing to let Jeric onto the meadow.

Remote Injury Deceleration: This power is very helpful, but limited and only responds to a Bonum member. When a Bonum member is injured, they can come here and the injury's effect will go slower. However, this only applies if they have their full witch powers.
Bonum Meadow Shield2

Bonum Meadow's Shield

Pyrokinesis: This power is also limited. It can only make someone catch on fire when they are on the meadow when the sheild is put up.

Power Augmentation: This power, which is rare, only happens on a certain date. On June 7th during a solar eclipse. If there is no solar eclipse, the power will not work. In morning and afternoon of the solar eclipse, their powers will be weakened, but during the eclipse, it will be augmentated and cause them to tap into lantent powers. This is the only time that the meadow gains augmentation power and the coven has to be in the meadow to take in
Bonum Meadow Shield

The Bonum Meadow's Shield Expanding Out

this power's effects.


There are many battles here, but most of the time (coincidentally), townspeople don't come there. Callie and Ethan guessed it was because of the Witch Council's doings.