The Bonum Coven have gone through many dangerous battles and fights throughout The Coven Series. Here is a list of them.

The Coven - Book OneEdit

In book one, the battles are:

Chapter Location Enemy Outcome(s)



Dock At Sea Port Surgo Witches and Matthew The Surgos escape, but Matthew engulfs Claire in the water, killing her while Kristen has a dagger in her and Ethan is exhausted from projecting wind.


Bonum Meadow Surgo Witches Callie saves the whole Bonum Coven by first using her advanced power of elemental ball. Callie decides to join the coven.


Clark Mansion Garden Drake and Matthew Amelia is almost killed, Vince takes her to the Bonum Meadow to decellerate her injury while the rest of the Bonum Coven go to the Witch Council and perfom a powerful spell to keep Amelia alive. Callie sacrifices Sage's Locket and it goes to her old house in Virginia. Callie Ethan, and Kristen end up in the hospital.


Outside and Inside Jules's House Bryan Amelia creates the Bonum Coven's most powerful vanquishing spell which they use to destroy Bryan, who explodes. Some of Jules's home is destroyed. Callie has to tell Meredith and Jules she's a witch. Meredith tells them that she's a witch practitioner.


Clark Mansion and Dock at Sea Port

Matthew and Drake 

Callie finds out all about Matthew's doings, the Clark Mansion gets on fire, but is fixed, Kristen is almost killed by water like Claire, but is saved by Callie. Drake is destroyed by the Bonum Coven. Matthew kills Isabel and takes her powers.

The Descendants - Book TwoEdit

In book two, the battles are:

Chapter Location Enemy Outcome(s)

The Eclipse - Book ThreeEdit

In book three, the battles are:

Chapter Location Enemy Outcome(s)


Meadow High School Alec, Lucy, and Barvner