Bonum Book
The Bonum Book

  • Many Centuries Ago
Significant Spells and Potions
  • The Vanquishing Spell and Potion (created by Amelia )
  • The Bonum Headquarters

"All of the six members have stood in front of the book. Not together, but we have. It looks like some new spells were added, spells from the past. Before the new Bonum Coven comes together in front of the book, the book takes away some of the powerful spells in case they try to use them or kill themselves since they're not powerful enough."

Ethan to Callie

The Bonum Book is a big spell book filled with extremely power spells and ingredients for potions. It is the most powerful good spell book, owned by the Bonum Covens and created by each generation of the covens who add many spells and ingredients into it.

Many witches crave and desire the Bonum Book because of the things they can accomplish with the spells in it. As the Bonum Coven can be turned evil, the Bonum Book can to, but this can't happen by choice. A ritual must be done. Nina was the only to do this so far.

Turning the Bonum Book EvilEdit


  1. Blood of a magical being other than a witch. (Cornelius Carter)
  1. Blood of a powerful mortal. (Victoria Jackson)
  1. Blood of an evil magical being. (Nina)

Result: The book will rumble and shake. Blood will cover whole book and glow golden until it glows black and turns evil. New, evil spells will be put in the book.