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Using enhanced strength to punch through a chest.

Super Strength, or Enhanced Strength is the supernatural ability possessed by Surgos, Hybrids, and Phoenixes granting them with augmented physical strength and stamina much greater than that of a human. Beings with this ability are stronger, tougher, and demonstrate enhanced physical durability. Witches also possess a less potent version of the ability. Being created by the Earth, they are able to channel its strength.


Beings with this ability can overpower their opponents easily, able to throw them great distances, snap necks, decapitate heads, rip off limbs, sending them flying through kicks or punches, knock them unconscious, and even impale them with their bare hands. Also, beings with this ability are usually more durable to attacks do to their amplified strength.

Possessors of This Ability

Surgo Witches

Surgo Witches exhibit impressive feats of strength, this being their main source of defense and offense. They have been shown to easily kill their victims by usually snapping necks and ripping off limbs. Also, Surgos are trained in hand-to-hand combat, making quick, sharp moves enhanced with great force. They are also agile, which allows to perform distinct moves. Their power stems from their enchanted rings, which without, they are rendered without this ability, making them weaker. Their strength also increases as they get older.

Super Strength2


Hybrids are very strong as well, to the extent of Hybrids. Their power stems from their Surgo Witch parent, giving them this ability naturally.

Pure Witches

While their strength is not as strong as the other beings, they are stronger than humans, when their strength is applied due to the fact that they stem from the earth, which they channel when they practice witchcraft. Pure Witches are able to go up against Surgos, Hybrids, Phoenix Birds to a very little extent, however, when it comes to strength as their strength is amplified. Against humans, however, they have a better chance.

Phoenix Birds

Phoenix Birds possess an extreme amount of strength, equal to that of a Surgo or Hybrid. When Jules discovered her abilities, she became a formidable opponent, able to go up against them easily, using her strength and other abilities to her advantage.


Due to them being the first of their kind, the Original Surgo Witch, the Original Witch, and the Original Hybrid are stronger than any other supernatural being in the books. They exhibit massive amounts of strengths, almost unfazed at all by hits. While Laurel is not stronger than the Riley or Benjamin, she is stronger than normal witches. Augustine is also a very powerful Surgo, being the first transformed Surgo by Riley as well as the fact that he has the blood of Riley and Rosalind's ashes inside of him. Laurel White's children also have a form enhanced strength.