Sage's Locket

Sage's Locket

  • Near the Beginning of Time
  • Indestructibility
  • Pieces of Powers from The Original Witch and Sage
  • Can Connect to Sage and the Original Witch
  • Has Some Form of Life
  • Can Give Information & Memories To People
  • Talisman (Locket)
  • Existing
  • Silver
  • Circular
  • Small Vines and Flowers

Sage's Locket is the most powerful talisman in the world. It was created by Sage White, the daughter of the Original Witch and creator of the Sphere of Excidio. It was possessed by her and other magical witches. Sage is also a Knight. She married a Knight.


It was full made when she was in her twenties. Before the death of her father, he took his blood and tried to capture her and his power into the locket so that it could protect her and her loved ones because of the dangers in the world. However, many people greatly wished for its power so before she died, she buried it in a unbreakable chamber under the old Bridges Mansion in Meadow Wood. Her magic withered away after years and years and the chamber became breakable. The locket cried for it to be released, showing that it had some life. Madison Knight heard this and got the locket out. She could feel its great powers and wore it always. It gave her amazing and great powers and protected her. Once she had a child and she grew up, Madison gave her the locket, knowing her dangerous future. Callie Knight possessed it for many years until when she was seventeen. Not knowing of its great magic, she sacrificied it in a ritual to save a friend. It was destroyed, or so thought. The locket went right back to where the last possesor died, Madison, at her house in Virginia where her father Grayson and his wife now live. Grayson saw it, kept it for a year, did some research on it, and then decided that Callie should have it so he went to Washington to give it to her.

List of PowersEdit

  • Indestructibility - This allows the locket to never be destroyed and this was proven when Callie sacrificied it in a ritual to save a friend. It was thought destroyed, but Grayson Bridges retrieved it and gaved it back to Callie, his granddaughter.
  • Powers From the Original Witch and Sage - Since Sage used her father and her powers to create it, some of their powers are in it and the energy can be channeled.
  • Can Connect to Sage and the Original Witch - This allows the person who is wearing it to be able to connect to Sage and the Original Witch by talking to and seeing them.
  • Has Some Form of Life - The locket is like a person. This was shown when it cried to get out of the umbreakable chamber under the Bridges Mansion. Madison heard its cries.
  • Can Give Infromaton & Memories To People - The wearer can enchant the locket to fill it with some info and memories so that when they give it to a certain person, when the memories and info is needed, they automatically get it if they're wearing the locket or are physically touching it.