Pyrokinetic CombustionPyrokinetic Combustion
"Matthew will probably anger her, but if he we get lucky, maybe she’ll be able to blow him up"
Ethan about Kristen's powers

Pyrokinetic Combustion is the very rare ability to build up a person or objects with fire inside them, causing their molecules to speed up and make them combust. However, if their opponent is very powerful, they may only be thrown back (blasted) by pyrokinesis inside, which was not enough to make them explode. Kristen Clark is the only one known to possess this power.

It is an advancement of pyrokinesis.


There are a few different ways to use this power:

  • Vanquish beings by giving them a pyrokinetic build up which will make them blow up.
  • Destroy an object by making it combust.
  • Make target be thrown backwards by an interior, pyrokinetic build-up.

Strength, Control, and SkillEdit

When Kristen advanced into this power, she spontaneously made things blow up because she was unable to throw pyrokinesis and used this power instead. Also, she has a short temper so when people made her angry, she caused things or people to blow up or combust backwards as well as objects.

After much practice, she was able to blow up bigger objects, many objects quickly, as well as combust more powerful beings on command, mentally and with her hand.


  1. Depending on opponent's strength, they may only be blasted or it may not harm them at all.
  2. Some beings have the power to reconstitute after being blown up.
  3. Some objects may be indestructible.

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