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— Madison to Callie in memory

Pyrokinesis is the powerful elemental ability to produce and manipulate fire with the body or mind. Witches and Phoenix Birds possess this power. Most people use this power to burn, vanquish, or push people back. However, they can do minor things like light candles or even do some advanced things like drying themselves of water without getting hurt or burned which Jeric and Jules both accomplished. This power can also be activated through the spell "Ignis" as well as potions.

Control, Strength, and SkillEdit

Most beginners cannot control this power, but practice will help. Advanced users can achieve almost any affect like lessening a fire attack used on them to the point where when a fire ball hits them, they only stumble back a little as Callie did. Also, some beings are able to make a huge ball of fire and shoot fire out of their hands. Along with that, some are able to lessen and strengthen fire to make it stronger or weaeker.


Huge Ball of Fire

Powers Developed From PyrokinesisEdit

Pyrokinetic CombustionEdit

The rare ability to cause objects or people to explode due to a pyrokinetic build up in their molecules. This a strong side of pyrokinesis as it vanquishes beings faster and easier and is stronger. Kristen is the only known being to possess this ability, but Amelia channeled a weaker form of this through a spell, "Mittere in. Iacere", that makes fire build up in someone and throw them back.

Pyrokinetic DisintergrationEdit

This power is also rare as only the Original Witch has this power. However, Amelia showed this power and other beings can, but only if they are very powerful and can make their base power of pyrokinesis do this, but it make take concentration and is not an advanced power or power that they can access easily.

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