• 1982 (age 29)
  • Psychic-Witch
Significant Spells and Magic
  • Alive
Physical Description
  • Long, Brown Hair
  • Hazel Brown Eyes
Basic Powers
Other Powers and Abilities
I'm a
— Mered

Phoebe is a psychic-witch with the powers of a witch and the power of premonition. She says that her motives are both evil and good, making her neutral. She is the friend of Cristina and Lia.

Phoebe is very powerful since she is very intuitive and is ready for attacks. From the power of premonition, she developed the power to project an astral body of herself into her premonitions in the past, present, or future. This extends the length of her premonition and gives you more information of it.

The Reincarnation Edit

Phoebe was first introduced when Chris told Alec he was scared that Meredith would find out that he had become a Surgo Witch with her premonition power. Cristina told them both that her friend was a psychic-witch and knew the psychic spell .

Chris and Alec went to her small house. She said she could do that spell, but she needed something in return. Alec found her charming and gave her some money, but Phoebe found it insulting and set the money in flames, which angered Alec.

Alec, then gave her the location of the Bonum Headquarters. She sensed that he was telling the truth and was happy since the Bonum Book laid there. Phoebe told him that many witches like her have tried to track the Bonum Headquarters through the Bonum Coven multiple times, but she believes that there is a mystical force, the same kind of mystical force the Bonum Meadow has, that protect someone from tracking them when they're at their headquarters. Phoebe did the spell, checked it when she couldn't get a premonition from Chris, and told them that they would need to come back in some weeks when the spell wears off and that she would be waiting for some more payment.