Nathaniel Ross
  • Nathan (by most people)
Significant Spells and Magic
  • Unknown
  • Alive
Physical Description
  • Brown, Short Hair
  • Brown Eyes
First Appearance
  • "The Primas"
I'm a witch practitioner and I know all about witches.
— Meredith to Callie

Nathaniel "Nathan" Ross is the biological father of Meredith Jackson and the ex-husband of Rebecca Jackson. He is a human and was a formerwitch practitioner.

He gave up being a witch when it almost killed him due to overuse of magic. Along with that, he gave it up when Rebecca divorced him due to the great pain of the heartache.

In 2012, Meredith came to him when she found out that only Jackson magic could keep her mother alive when she unimmobilized to insure she doesn't die at least not at that time.