Molecular Immobilization2Molecular Immobilization
"It took me many years to do this. Telekinesis lets you moves things, but I trained myself to go deeper and have reverse telekinesis. I am to stop the things from moving"
Matthew about his developing of power

Molecular Immobilization (or High or Reverse Telekinesis) is the ability to control the movement of the objects so that you are able to slow down the molecules and make it stop moving. It is called High or Reverse telekinesis becuase the usual telekinesis control the movement of objects, but this one stops the movement instead of making it move. This power can be activated through a potion as well as a spell made by Callie, "Her/Her body is in motion. Stop this commotion." This is an advancement of telekinesis.


In 1701, Claudine, an Original Bonum Witch froze witch hunters who tried to kill her and her child. She also froze bullets when she was running, showing how she didn't need much concentration to use this power because of her strength. Claudine used this power hand in hand with her other powers to freeze objects and then move them away or take them away.

Matthew gained this power in his adult years and used them against a werewolf in their werewolf form. It only decelerated the werewolf's speed for a limited amount of time, however. Then, he used his immobilization power against the werewolf the same time as Alec used his deceleration power. They were able to make the werewolf stop moving for a while. However, with much practice, the user may be able to freeze the werewolf for a longer while or as long as they want. Claudine could probably freeze a werewolf completely since she is a powerful, Bonum Witch.

Strong and AdvancedEdit

Once Matthew got rid of his disease with a potion, his powers grew stronger along with his molecular immobilization. He was able to take on several witches including the Bonum Coven and Piper as well as Jeric when he as an Angelic Being with the help of this power. He stopped Amelia's cryokinesis power from freezing him completely and was able to freeze Callie's elemental blast easily.

Selective FreezingEdit

When Matthew was disease-free, he became able to freeze certain body parts of people's body like an arm or leg without the whole body freezing.

Stop Time, Immobilizing the World, Temporal StatisEdit

Very angry and strong, Matthew froze time, literally. Everything in the world stopped moving except him. He did this with deep concentration, but it made him pant and took a lot of energy. He kept it up for about half a minute.

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