Meadow Wood
Founding Year
  • 1680 (age 334)
  • Washington
Current Mayor
Rarely does anyone leave Meadow Wood. It's home.
— Jenny Vennings to Kristen

Meadow Wood is a picturesque town located in Washington. The town was founded near end of the year 1680. Some of the first people to inhabit the town were witches including the Bonum Witches and the founders could also be witches. Killings and deaths are normal in this town. The Anti-Witch Council secretly tries to protect the town from witches. However, they are unaware of the other habitants of practitioners, phoenix birds, werewolves, and more.

Anti-Witch Council

The Council is a group of high-ranking civils who secretly protect the town from the witch, thinking they are are evil. They work with and have Witch Hunters and have Suppliers who make and give a supply of Adflicto which they know will be needed. The first Council was created 1692, but members were killed by Surgo Witches in 1730. It was reconstitued in 2011 with Sheriff Dalton as leader.


Founding Families


  • Meadow Wood High School
  • Bonum Bar & Grill
  • Meadow Wood Hospital
  • Bonum Meadow
  • Town Square
  • Police Station
  • Agapeto Giordano's Old Church
  • Jeric & Alec's House
  • Henry & Callie's House
  • Evans Mansion
  • Clark Mansion
  • Parker Mansion
  • Cloud House
  • Knight Mansion
  • Smith Mansion
  • Reed Mansion
  • DeLuca Mansion
  • Jackson house
  • Ashton House
  • Andrews House



Former Residents

Deceased                                                                       Alive

Local Events

  • Claire Evan's Memorial
  • Annual Ball
  • Homecoming Game 
  • Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Founder's Day/Meadow Wood Celebration
  • Haunted House Glo-Party