Locator Map

The Locator Map is a useful magical tool used to locate anyone in the the town of Meadow Wood in Washington. The map has all of the locations such as the Bonum Bar & Grill, the town square, and the police station. It has been modified a few times to accodomate the new attractions built in the town. It was created around the late 1600s and the early 1700s by a witch who owned an apothecary. The apothecary was burned down by witch hunters during the Genocide of 1701, but the map was still in decent condition.

How to Use the Locator MapEdit

To use the locator map, you must have the blood of the person you are trying to track or locate. You must place drops of blood onto the map. The blood will then join together and travel onto the correct spot where the person is (such as the police station) according to where the person actually is in the town. Sparks will come out of the blood when it has stopped and smoke will rise. The blood will then be absored into the map.

Uses throughout the BooksEdit

The Coven  Edit

Divison: "The Surgos"

The coven needed assisstance finding Bryan, a Surgo, but Jasper was also trying to locate him, so they went to him, knowing he was a skilled hunter and thought he would know. Kristen and Callie got him alone in Coach Wilkins's classroom where he brought out the locator map and a dagger that he had used to wound Bryan previously. The dagger still had blood on it, which he dropped onto the map. It moved and stopped on the police station in the town square, which they went to and discovered he was there, in the cellar.


  • Witch creator (1600s-1701)
  • Unknown witch (killed by Jasper's father)
  • Jasper Andrew's Father 
  • Jasper Andrews