Adflicto PotionAerokinesisAerokinetic Blast
AgilityAlec DeLucaAlexandra DeLuca
Amelia SmithAncestral MagicAnti-Witch Council
Arianna StevensAugmentationAugustine
BarvnerBelladonnaBenjamin Steele
BindingBryan SantiagoCallie and Chris
Channel MagicCharlotte WestChris Cloud
Claire EvansCollective MagicCouncil Helpers
CovensCristina DeLucaCryokinesis
DeLuca FamilyDescentDrake DeLuca
Earth MagicElectrokinesisElemental Ball and Blast
EmpathyEmptyEnergy Balls
Energy Balls & BeamsEnergy WavesEssence Magic
Evan DanielsGenocide of 1701Gifted Witches
Grant JacksonHealingHeat & Fire Manipulation
HellHigh ResistanceHuman
HybridHybrid AbiltiesHydrokinesis
Ian ClarkImmune SurgoImmunity
InvincibilityIsabel EvansIvana
James ParkerJasper AndrewsJeric DeLuca
Joey SmithJoshua ParkerJules Ashton
Julian KnightJulie SmithKnight Family
Kristen ClarkLaurel WhiteLia Evergreen
Liam WoodsLight ShockLilith Woods
List of PowersLiv KnightLocator Map
LoisMadison KnightMatthew Evans
Meadow WoodMediumshipMeredith Jackson
Molecular DecelerationMolecular ImmobilizationNathan Ross
NatureNina GiordanoNoah Vennings
PhoenixPiper ThornePower Absorption
Power HoldingPower NegationPower Transporting
PremonitionPremonition ProjectionPsychics
PyrokinesisPyrokinetic CombustionReckoning
Riley WhiteSacrificial MagicSage's Locket
Sage WhiteSeersSensing
ShieldingSpeciesSpell Casting
SpiritsStephan ChambersSuper Strength
Surgo WitchSydneyTelekinesis
Telekinetic TransportationTelepathyThe Bonum Book
The Bonum CovenThe Bonum Coven's Fights & BattlesThe Bonum Meadow
The Bonum PowerThe CouncilThe Coven
The Coven SeriesThe Coven WikiThe Merge
The Original Bonum CovenThe Primas CovenThe Spiritual Plane
The Stone of DeathTime ManipulationTime Travel
Veronica PierceVince ReedWeapons
Wesley KnightWhite FamilyWitch
Witch HunterWitchcraftZach Coleman

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