Light Shock
Light Shock
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Light Shock is the rare and unique ability to shock a person or numerous persons with a bright, white light that leaves their view white and sends a piercing sound at them as well, both knocking them out. This power is very helpful, able to let you make an escape, not be seen, pause your opponent giving you more time to get away or think a plan, etc.

This power is only possessed by Angels currently, but could be possessed by a witch as an advancement of electrokinesis.


  • Knock opponent out.
  • Use power to escape.
  • Use power to enter secretly.
  • Use power to move opponent or mess with them.


  • User may not be powerful enough to take out powerful target.


Light Shock2

Light Shock towards Jeric in Heaven

Jeric said that when he entered heaven, a bright, white light hit him and he fell unconscious.

When a few Angels including Emily Skies came to down the earth, they light shocked the Bonum Coven a the rest of the world which knocked everyone out for about ten minutes