Julian Knight
Wesley Knight (Father) † Edit
Madison Knight (Mother) † Edit
Callie Knight (Sister)Edit
Henry Knight (Step-uncle)Edit
Grayson Bridges (Maternal Grandfather)Edit
Laurel White (Creator) † Edit
Meadow Wood High StudentEdit
"Laurel's Key"Edit
Physical DescriptionEdit
Brown HairEdit
Light Brown EyesEdit
White SkinEdit
Powers and AbilItiesEdit
Immunity (to witchcraft)Edit
Power Negation (against witches)Edit
Mental Link to Laurel WhiteEdit
— Ca

Julian Knight is a main character in The Coven Series. He is son of two deceased witches, Wesley Knight and Madison Knight, as well as the younger brother of Callie Knight, whom is also a witch. Despite him coming from a family of witches, he is a human.

It is later revealed, however, that is he is a creation of the Original Witch, Laurel White, meant to be used as a sacrifice in order to the initiate the destruction of all witches. Though she has been dead for centuries, she watched as a spirit and saw their misuse of magic. Because of this, she caused Madison Knight to conceive a second child despite her only prophesied to have one. He would be a human and indestructible, mimicing qualities of Sage's Locket including a link to Laurel.

This character is a member of the Knight Family.

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