Joey Smith

  • circa 1982
  • Human
  • Alive
Physical Description
  • Short, Brown Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • White Skin
  • Parker Mansion
She’s not been our Amelia and you know it. She would never say or do what she did upstairs if she was.
— Joey to Julie

Joey Smith is the father of Amelia Smith and husband of Julie Smith who are both witches. He is a human, making Amelia a half-witch. He is also related to Lia Evergreen in a way. She is his reincarnation daughter. He is close to the current and previous Bonum Coven as well.

During the time when Lia was communicating with Amelia and turning her evil, he was frustated and felt that Amelia wasn't the same. He was very heartbroken as well and tried to help her as much as he could. Joey was extremely happy when she got out of the Dream World as her regular self.