— Madison to Callie in memory

Hydrokinesis is the ability produce, control, and manipulate water. This power is possessed by witches and Phoenix Hunters and Meredith Jackson has also been able to channel and manipulate water from taps in the bathroom. Using your surroundings to control water was also used by Matthew when he drowned Claire and by a Phoenix Hunter when he drowned Tyler. This power can be activated through the spell "Fluvium aquae" as well as potions.

Strength, Control, and SkillEdit

Beginners and weak beings may be only able to project little amounts of water that can make someone fall down, but others can conjure very powerful ones that can throw people very far and injure them. Some users may be able to control blood through hydrokinesis such as Lia. This blood controlling made her feared because she was able to make people cause have a lot of blood loss. One of her victims was Elijah.

Powers Developed from HydrokinesisEdit


Ability to produce, control, and manipulate cold and ice. Power is mostly used to shoot streams of ice at target as well as freeze them in a crystalized form to stop them from moving as well as make it easier to kill them by smashing a frozen body part.

List of Beings who use(d) HydrokinesisEdit

Original PowerEdit

Through spells, potions, etc.Edit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This power is the least used in the books, most likely becuase it will not help against your opponent very much, especially if they are powerful, but it has been used before.
  • Blood controlling would make this power more defensive and helpful to the user.