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  • A supernatural species possessing the combination of abilities of two other species.

A Hybrid is a combination between two species, born from the union of those two. A Surgo-Witch Hybrid is a supernatural crossbreed between a pure witch and a Surgo Witch. Hybrids possess the abilities of witches and Surgos as well as their weaknesses. They are more powerful than regular Surgos, but are said to be weaker than pure witches due to their Surgo half witholding them back, such as their inability to practice full Earth Magic. Despite this, many Hybrids have special, unique abilities not manifested by pure witches. 

The only known Hybrid who can practice entire Earth Magic is Nina Giordano.

Notal Hybrids include the DeLuca Children and Nina Giordano.


According to Riley White, his loyal friend, Benjamin Steele was the first Hybrid. He was extremely powerful and as a Hybrid had the powers of super strength and reconstitution as well as resurrection and deviation.

Nina GiordanoEdit

Full Earth Magic is not meant for Hybrids because of nature's unliking to their Surgo half. Nina Giordano, who practiced Essence Magic, however took the lives of her four sisters in order to take in their essence and strengthen her Earth Magic to full volume. Not only did she gain full Earth Magic, but she can also reconstitute as the likes of a full Surgo Witch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Earth Magic - Ability to practice witchcraft drawing from the forces of Earth and Nature. Their magic is limited as they cannot practice every element.

Spell Casting - This is the ability to cast spells that can change how things work or various other affects such a vanquishing.

Potion Making - This allows them to brew potions to have many powerful effects.

Super Strength - These Hybrids are very strong. They can snap necks easily, extract hearts, rip limbs, and decapitate easily as well as kick, throw, and make people fly for great distances.

Regeneration - They can recover from injuries. The speed of this recovery of self healing depends on how bad the damage is. They cannot regenerate if they are dead, however.

Reconstitution - Some have the powerful ability to pull themselves automatically after being blown up or getting injured, but do not die, which is when they will blow up and reconstitute.

Weaknesses Edit

Adflicto Potion - They and their become weak depending on how much is consumed or touched and how powerful he is. They will become sweaty and feverish.

Overuse of Magic - Some witches aren't powerful enough to channel a great amount of power at once or for a long period of time. This will weaken them momentarily, but it they're overexhausted, it can lead to death.

Mortality - Hybrids that are alive can also die from natural causes and deaths that humans face as they are not invincible.

Known HybridsEdit