"It’s very cozy and your dad is having so much fun running from all the fire, which is nearly impossible since most of hell is fire"
Nina joking about hell as well as describing it

Hell is the realm of punishment for evil beings in the afterlife. It is ruled by the Devil and many evil beings live there including Nina, Drake, Lia, and several Surgos and other evil beings.


Nina was sent to Hell after the Bonum Coven vanquished her. However, she came back on earth as a ghost in the chamber where she died and where Jeric was locked in at the time. She said that she came because she heard that he was in a chamber from hell and says that there is "buzz in hell". Nina told Jeric that he needs to keep Callie alive becuase she is super important even if it means killing himself. She also told him about the eclipse and the Prophesier.


According to Nina, there is fire almost everywhere. Lia told the coven that the fire is created by the Devil, who no one in hell can see or has met since he is trapped in an unknown place in hell, which Lia says she is grateful to God for (pointing out that he put him there) because if he could roam around in hell, he would probably torture him more than he does with his powers that are mostly fire related, which he can used in hell in his cage.

She also explains that most beings group together in hell in some caves and places to get away from the fire and other things. Also, she states that if you were stabbed or killed or anything, you wouldn't die, you would just fell the pain until you heal.

Locations NearEdit

  • Purgatory -
  • Lia's Reincarnation Dream World -