Heat and Fire Controlling and ManipulationHeat & Fire Manipulation

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— Madison to Callie in memory

Heat and Fire Manipulation is the ability to produce and control all types of fire and heat. Although, similar to pyrokinesis , it is different in the sense that pyrokinesis cannot control heat waves and things in that nature. This power also has a lot of aspects and is possessed only by Phoenix Birds.

This power may be an advancement or expansion of pryokinesis.


  • Project fire.
  • Use heat as an accelerant to start the fire.
  • Use heat waves to push someone or objects back.
  • Use heat waves with fire to push someone back with greater force.
  • Cause objects to heat up and/or catch on fire.
  • Cause objects to melt.

Control and SkillEdit

Emotions and this power can be very dangerous as you can set things and people on fire. When Jules hadn't mastered her powers, she set her house on fire and even when she had, she set the Smith Mansion on fire. However, with deep mental concentration, she was first able to make sure that her emotions didn't control her powers, then secondly was able to manipulate fire, and thirdly was to project the heat and fire that she needed.

Strength and AdvancingEdit

633px-Thermal blast

Using Heat Waves as an Accelerant of Fire Production

With practice, users will be able to project multiple effects with this power.

Fire and Heat Manipulation

Heat Waves and Fire