Energy WavesEnergy Waves

Releasing a destructive wave of energy capable of vanquishing or destroying multiple targets.




Energy Waves are powerful waves of destructive energy capable of disintergrating several targets at once. It can vanquish powerful beings and objects with just one hit as well as destroy a whole area to a bad state. Users use their hands to channel this power.

It is similar to Elemental Blast and both are strong enough to go against each other shown when Damien and Callie attacked each other with their advanced powers. There was a lot of destruction, however.

Although it is destructive and covers a big area, people with much control have the ability to

The Witch Council possess this power and it is one of their most powerful powers.


The Witch Council used this power against Lia. Malcolm and Russel through a more controlled, concentrated wave of energy at Lia since there were a lot of people and they didn't want to hurt anyone. It threw Lia back with great force, however, as well as broke some of the Council Headquarter's walls. Her body and skin was torn and bleeding severely.

Energy Waves2

(More Controlled and Concentrated Version)

Damien used this power to kill numerous male mortals at Italy in 1380. He later used this power against the Bonum Coven. However, one hit was not strong enough to destroy them, just injure them a little, which surprised him.