Energy Balls and Beams (beams shown)

Users                Claire Evans

Energy Balls and Beams is the highly advanced form of electrokinesis, allowing the user to produce both, high votlage energy balls and cocentrated torch-like beams of energy, able to incinerate and/or kill their opponent. This ability is extremely rare and powerful, only shown possessed by a Bonum Witch, Claire Evans. It is aso the most powerful advanced power to be earned from the ability of eletrokinesis.


  • Produce an energy ball to kill opponent.
  • Extinguish an energy beam to vanquish opponent.
  • Use energy balls or beams to throw back an enemy.
  • Destroy objects and cause them to blow up.

Aspects & UsesEdit

Energy BallsEdit


The first use of the power was in The Coven when Matthew


Energy ball electrocuting and killing opponent.

attacked the coven and Claire used her energy balls to wound him. She was able to produce numerous green, pulsating energy balls from her hands at one time and shoot them at Matthew. He was thrown back and grew weary with parts of his body incinerated by the energy balls.

Claire was unable to kill Matthew with the energy balls alone. This could be because Matthew had Bonum Power in him or she just wasn't too skilled in her power. Callie was also unable to take out Matthew with her elemental ball as well even though these two powers were the strongest the coven possessed and the strongest out of the generations, mentioned by Ian.

Energy Beams

This aspect of this power was also used against Matthew during his attack.

She sent him flying and pushed him against the wall with the beams. It incinerated his skin as smoke rose from his chest. Vince was suprised that he had not blown up, showing this aspect was greater and usually causes the vanquishes. She also used this after the energy balls failed at killing him. After she had exerted the futile beams, she was also very tired.