Energy Balls

Energy Balls


Conjure a powerful ball made of energy.

I have power negation. I negated the death spell.
Jeric to Flo.

Energy Balls are powerful balls of energy users can form in their hand and throw at targets with varying levels of voltage. The user can also control the ball while in their hands and as it flies.

It is different from conjuring a ball of electricity made from the power of electrokinesis. Energy balls that are a seperate power are ten times more powerful and lethal. When used, the target either explodes or catches on fire.


Not many people have this power, maybe because it is powerful. In 1380, Crius absorbed this power from an evil being and used the power against mortals and against the cage he and his coven were locked in. He killed two mortals with one energy ball each, but the cage was powerful and it was innefective.

When he was released from the cage in 2012, he acquired energy balls again, saying that he liked them.

Claire also has these powers, but hers is extremely power. She demonstrated this when she came on earth as a corporeal ghost with her powers.

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