— Madison to Callie in memory

Electrokinesis is the ability produce, control, and manipulate electricity and lightning. This power is possessed by witches and can be used in different ways. These various ways include turning off/on lights, electrocuting people, frying people with lightning from the inside, throwing people back with lightning. This power was shown in different colors as well and can be channeled through the mind and/or body. Also, this power has been used many times since it is powerful and can kill easily. Power can be activated through potions.

Powers Developed from ElectrokinesisEdit

Electrokinetic CombustionEdit

This power is very rare and is only possessed by the Original Witch. However, other beings with this power may be able to channel this power by planting electricity in somone and making it revertebrate or move against the person's body.

List of Beings who use(d) ElectrokinesisEdit

Original PowerEdit

Through spells, potions, etc.Edit