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The DeLuca Family is one of families in The Coven Series, originated in Italy. They are a very powerful and respected family, Drake DeLuca being a Surgo King. The family is also connected to the Giordano Family, whom they originally planned to marry into to gain more power.

Jeric DeLuca, Alec DeLuca, Cristina DeLuca, and Alexandra DeLuca are the only living family members of the DeLuca Family.

History Edit

Drake DeLuca was born into a Royal Surgo family, being the son of Luca and an unnamed woman, both Surgos.

He later went on to begin building his own empire of Surgos. Drake also met and married a dark witch, Alexandra. They relocated to Meadow Wood where they posed as Hunters in Anti-Witch Council during the Genocide of 1701 to survive. They also used magic to extend their lives, giving them immortality.

Later on they had three Hybrid children; Jeric, Alec, and Cristina, the latter also becoming a Gifted Witch. To reinforce and strengthen the family's power and influence, they decided their oldest son, Jeric should marry into the Giordano Family, marrying Nina Giordano who was the only Hybrid who had full access to Earth Magic. However,

Family Members Edit

  • Luca (deceased): Luca is the oldest ancestor and the progenitor of the DeLuca bloodline. He and a human or Surgo, presumably, gave birth to Drake DeLuca.
  • Drake DeLuca (deceased): Drake DeLuca was a Surgo King born in Italy. He had a large empire of Surgos, which are loyal to him. He married Alexandra, whom is a witch. They came to Meadow Wood and participated in the Genocide, posing as Hunters of the Anti-Witch Council. Here, they also gave birth to three Hybrid children; Jeric, Alec, and Cristina, respectively. They moved back to Italy, proud of the growing strength of their family, having three Hybrid children as well as a rare, Gifted Witch in the family. Planning on extending their family and their strength for respect and power, they had a series of meetings with the Giordano Family. Their daughter, Nina, is a Hybrid who can practice full Earth Magic. Both families saw the alliance and marrying into the other would strengthen them.
  • Alexandra DeLuca: Alexandra DeLuca is a witch born in Italy.
  • Jeric DeLuca: Jeric is the eldest son of Drake and Alexandra, born in Meadow Wood and raised in Italy.
  • Alec DeLuca: Alec is the second son and middle child of Drake and Alexandra, b
  • Cristina DeLuca: Cristina is the last child and only daughter of Drake and Alexandra as well as a Gifted Hybrid.

Trivia Edit

  • DeLuca is an Italian, Patronymic surname derived from the given name Luca.
  • Other spellings of the name include: Delucia, De Lucia, Deluca, Deluce, De Luze, Di Lucia, Lucia, Luze, Luca, Lucantoni, Lucarelli, Lucariello, Lucarini, Lucas, Lucatti, Lucattini, Lucca, Luccarini, and many more.