— Madison to Callie in memory

Cryokinesis is the ability to control, produce, and manipulate ice and cold. This power is usually used to freeze a person or a body part by stopping the movement of molecules so that they lose energy, which causes them to be drawn close together by the attractive forces between the molecules. This is an extreme form of molecular immobilization and an advancement of hydrokinesis.

Strength, Control, and SkillEdit

When Amelia got this power, at first, she was having problems with it because she was throwing ice and making a vicinity crystallize or very cold. However, with more practice she was able to freeze people's bodies and as she practiced even more, she selectively froze a part of their body like a hand. With this power, it makes it even easier to kill people who are alive if you get the chance to freeze them and then break them apart.

Ways to Use PowerEdit

Selective Body FreezingEdit


Freezing A Man's Body Slowly For Torture

This technique makes the target suffer tremendously as you can freeze some parts of their bdoy and they'll feel it. Amelia tortured Lia by freezing her ribcage and some of her bones. Lia was in great pain and cried out loudly. Also, you can also control the speed of how much the freezing of the body goes. Amelia did this once and the target felt even more pain as more body parts were freezing at once and he was feeling all of it.


Smashing A Man's Body To Pieces

Smashing BodiesEdit

This is probably the best way to kill someone with this power and is very effective. First, you have to freeze the whole person's body and then they'll be like ice. With some force, you can smash them to bits and they'll be dead. Sometimes you don't even have to smash them. With much concentration, you can freeze them so much that their molecules come together, squeezing extremely close and then, they break into pieces.


  1. Someone melts a person's body when the person is body.
  2. The person is invincible or have immunity and can easily break through the capsulation of ice or it has no effect on them at all.
  3. If used on a Phoenix Bird, they will start to melt immediately because of their life essence of fire.

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