Species Available To
  • Strength
  • Energy Boost
You can channel power, Callie. There is power all around you. You are strong. You cannot be torn down. Rebuild yourself.
— Madison to Callie in memory

Binding is a power that witches have as servants of nature. It is not really a power, but it can be used. They can tap into elements like fire, water, wind, electricity and more. It takes deep concentration for them to bind the things with them, but some witches can do it. It can restore strength or give them strength and it can give and energy boost, making the witch strong.


Callie has done it with fire and water so far. For fire, she bound it to her after Matthew had hit her many times with electricity and made her weak. Once the fire in the Clark Mansion bounded with her, she let it restore her strength and she felt good enough to fight him. Amelia has done it with water and it allowed her to telekinetically bust open an electric cage formed by Matthew. The Bonum Coven bound with water at a deck to help vanquish Drake and used the binding a substitution for a potion they needed to go with a vanquishing spell since they were not that powerful then. Henry also used it once when he was going against Matthew. He bounded with the energy from the school ceiling lights and vending machine to give him an energy boost. Then, while Henry used electricity on Matthew, Matthew bounded with it and he got an energy boost as well that helped him.

Advanced Form of BindingEdit

There is an advanced form of nature where you tap into Earth's nature, bind it, channel the power, and earth will help and give other effects and powers by itself. Sydney taught this to Meredith. These powers include:

  • Shield: Draw a circle around yourself on land, channeling the power of Earth's land. A white shield will form that goes up to the sky. To put it down, touch it.
  • Super Strength: Put hand on tree that is connected to the ground. Only for a little while because too much is toxic. Body will vibrate so you can feel it. You will be firm and strong like a tree that not even a spell that sends you back will. It will wear off in about forty seconds and you can feel powers wearing out. Taking more than needed power in the tree will result in the tree breaking and weakening.
  • Pyrokinesis: When the sun is up, draw power from the sun and its rays to produce fire. It will not harm grass or land, however.
  • Cryokinesis: When the moon is up, draw power from it to produce ice.

Warning: If you harm earth, earth will push back and harm you.