• 4th Century (Age Unknown/1000+) 
  • Alive
Physical Description
  • Long, Dark Brown Hair
  • White Skin
  • Brown Eyes

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance
I crea
— Riley

Augustine is a Surgo Witch, previously a human, born in Spain, before being the first successful Surgo transformed by Riley White, the Original, in the 4th Century. Riley and him are best friends and Augustine has remained loyal to him for hundreds of years since they met, offering him advice and friendship.

Augustine was also a good friend of Benjamin Steele, the Original Hybrid, before being killed by James White.

When he was transformed by Riley, Riley used his own blood and the ashes of his sister, Rosalind, making Augustine a very strong Surgo along with his great age. Riley also trained him and created his enchanted items himself.

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