Able to move the body in different ways without effort.

Dude, you may be unbreakable, but we’re not.
Meredith to Jeric.

Agility is the physical ability that provides the possessor with inhuman agility, reflexes, and speed. This ability is helpful when in close combat and can help increase your chances in victory in this type of fights. The powers of Telekinesis and Levitation are connected with this power, which is what most witches uses use as their link to agility. Surgos Witches' necklaces provide them with increased agility.

History of AgilityEdit

With agility, the possessor can do almost anything with their body; run up walls, do back flips, dodge attacks easily, turn their bodies easily, jump great heights and land safely, and other maneuvers and technqiues.

Surgos have great agility. Chris was easily able to run up a wall, grab a dagger stuck in it easily, and flip back with extreme ease. Other people like Jules have great agility as well even with them not having it as a natural power. Most witches amplify and enable themselves to have agility through telekinesis and telekinetic levitation. With these, they can do immpossible and superhuman leaps and flips.